A Spooky Time in Tofino

If you were lucky enough to be in Tofino for the spookiest day of the year, then we hope you had the chance to have your socks scared off you at our annual Ocean Village Haunted Cabin event!

Here at Ocean Village, we are all about celebration – from easter egg hunts on the lawn to spreading holiday cheer every December, our team loves to chance to ring in a festive occasion. Even if that holiday means completely freaking out every man, woman and child who dare enter the haunted grounds of Ocean Village Resort on October 31st! To all our beloved guests, we promise that this is the only day of the year we plan on scaring you.

For a quaint and cozy surf town, Tofino has a ton of Halloween spirit, and you can always count on a large number of sugar-fueled kiddos out roaming the streets with excitement. With Tofino also being the ultimate family-friendly vacation spot, there are always plenty of visiting ‘groms’, as we like to call them out here, joining in the local fun.

This year, we estimate we had over 200 people visit our Haunted Cabin on Mackenzie Beach. Maybe it was the full-size candy bars that drew them in? Or, maybe it was simply our frightful level of holiday cheer? The entire OV team came together to dress up, string cobwebs, and create a range of spooky surprises throughout the cabin. Highlights this year included our terrifying electric chair, a cage full of zombie people, and, of course, a live head served up on the dining table! It goes without saying that many of the very little kids didn’t make it past the front door.

Every haunted house should come with a tale to tell the children, and this year our Ocean Village Ghost Story was the tale of Tomas the Terrible – a staff member who lost his mind when he couldn’t get his work visa extended and was forced to leave Tofino forever and head back to Chile! In his despair, Tomas began trapping and killing the other staff members at the resort. Who knew chilled out surfers could be so blood thirsty?

Whether you believe in Tomas’s spooky tale or not, we hope we’ll see you next October in Tofino for your fall family getaway. We promise there will be fun for the whole family during any holiday spent at our fun-loving resort! Just be prepared to have a much more scary time than usual during a Halloween visit to our remote (and probably haunted) coastal paradise.