Travel Tips for Treading Lightly

Travel Tips for Treading Lightly in Tofino…

In everything we do here at Ocean Village, minimizing our impact has remained a top priority. In our efforts to support the environment, in our community and here at the resort, we’ve come to understand that sustainability is a group endeavour.

As you prepare for your adventure at the end of the road, here are some helpful tips to tread lightly in your travels.

  • BYO all things To-Go! Tofino has embarked on several initiatives to help reduce plastic waste. We’ve even gone so far as to adopt a bylaw that prohibits the distribution of single-use plastics. Some reusable items that will certainly come in handy for your holiday include a packable straw and cutlery, a reusable drinking vessel, a shopping bag, and a small takeaway container. Check out our local Surfrider Chapter and the many amazing volunteer opportunities, classes and workshops available, and current campaigns they’re working on.


  • Every Drop Counts! As the rains and fog descend upon Meares Island, droplets sieve their way through 1000-year-old cedar bows to the forest floor where they saturate the step moss and filter through the spongy earth, gathering in the reservoir to be released from our taps. Some (we) say our water is the best and freshest in the world. You’re going to need your refillable water bottle to capture the essence! For the remarkable amount of water we receive from Fall to Spring, the town is outgrowing its capacity for storage. We ask our summer travellers to help conserve water during their stay, but don’t be shy about drinking from the faucet!


  • You’re on the wild side! We are a little town surrounded by a lot of wilderness and with that, the creatures in and about it. From big to small, it’s important to know how to minimize human-wildlife conflicts. Wildsafe BC offers an array of resources for playing amongst nature and how to avoid interactions. Especially during the spring season, it’s important to support our migrating shorebird species. This means keeping dogs on leash and allowing a wide berth for our winged friends who are fueling up for their long journey north. Learn more about this great migration from the Raincoast Education Society.


Enjoy your green adventure and thank you for doing your part in keeping Tofino wild and healthy!

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