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46 Years of Counting Tides & Vintage Vibes

Chapter 1: The Dream – A Resort for All Seasons

Touted as the latest concept in condominium recreational investments, Ocean Village Beach Resort began as Ben Hellesen’s beautiful dream.

Construction of forty beachfront units along 500ft of the finest sandy frontage on Vancouver Island, began in 1974, as did the memories! The resort was ready to open its doors by 1976. This first phase included four beachfront units, and shortly after, a kidney-shaped outdoor pool. Ocean Village has always felt like a community and has been intimately managed and cared for throughout the years. 

In 1981, Bob and Edie Ford operated the resort as full-time managers. As majority shareholders, they worked tirelessly to find investment interests for additional units. 

By 1999 the strata ownership consisted of six major shareholders; the Hellesen’s daughters June and Gail, resident managers Moe and Maureen Zaleschuk, former managers Al and Sandra Woodhouse, Jim and Edith Duncan, and Prescilla Colwell (Calgary). And today is lovingly owned by the Gordon Family. 

Family-built and family-run for years, we are proud to say the Hellesen Family legacy remains strong because our little oceanside refuge continues to operate by the two guiding principles by which Ocean Village was founded:

  1. That the resort be a place where adults, parents, and their children could vacation in a carefree, safe environment; and 
  2. That the resort is always operated like an extended family business. 

Since the opening of the logging road through Port Alberni in 1959, year-round tourism in Tofino has been increasing annually. Visitors continue to find their way to the end of the road in search of surf, solitude, or adventure (the road has only slightly improved since then ;). Today, those seeking a relaxing and restorative experience favour the winter months for the calm and quiet days and refreshing weather. 

The team at Ocean Village Beach Resort looks forward to welcoming you, so you may experience it all for yourself!

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