Fire Up the Grill

Where to find the freshest seafood in Tofino.

Spring is the best time to experience boat-to-table culture. Jump on a charter to harvest your own or swing by a local shop for fresh prawns, crab, halibut, lingcod, and more. To plan ahead for the ultimate bbq spread, here are some of our go-to’s:

  • Naas Foods: Indigenous-led seafood company specializing in local, sustainable kelp and fish harvest.
  • The Fish Store: Located on Industrial Way, The Fish Store offers a fresh array of grab-and-go fin fish, shellfish, and assorted delicacies.
  • Dockside Smoked Fish Store: Although not for the grill, this a must stop for some savoury and sweet smoked salmon. Locally caught, locally smoked, locally devoured.

Want to add some turf to your surf? Be sure to swing by the local Picnic Charcuterie for fresh meats and cheese. @picnic_charcuterie

Craving seafood but don’t feel like cooking? That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where you’ll find some of our favourite seafood dishes:

  • The Schooner is locally referred to as our “seafood restaurant”. The Bruce family has been cooking buttery delicous classics since 1968. You gotta check out this menu!!
  • Our beloved Shelter Restaurant is returning to us this Spring in their new waterfront location at the Tofino Resort and Marina. We couldn’t be more thrilled!
  • Wildside Grill Panko encrusted salmon and chips… that’s all.
  • Topped within a yuzu vinaigrette, Jeju serves up the freshest scallops in town. Huge flavours in a very small space – be sure to make a reso!

Craving seafood but don’t feel like cooking, but also don’t feel like leaving the comfort of the resort? Call Marty of Neck of the Woods. He offers a local culinary experience like no other!

Tofino Seafood

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