Crazy ’bout Conservation

In Tofino, we may be surrounded by tall trees, pacific seas, and a fresh breeze, but we don’t take it for granted!

Every day, we seek ways to reduce our impact on our surroundings, and ensure our guests feel good about their visit. Check out the many ways we’re trying to leave a small footprint but a big impression.

OV electric carts

  • You’ll see our quiet electric carts buzzing around the grounds for housekeeping and maintenance duties. Our electric vehicles keep noise to a minimum for the benefit of the humans and the creatures.
  • Choose a propane fire pit or portable fire hammock* from our lobby shop to improve air quality and reduce fire scraps and trash on the beach (*Not permitted during fire ban). We also provide a safe disposal area for your coals, keeping the beaches free of contaminants.
  • By tapping into underwater aquifers and using well water to supply our pool, hot tub, laundry, and foot wash station, we’re reducing the demand on our Municipal supply during these dry periods.
  • We offer electric car charging to our guests and support the local shuttle service to reduce vehicle use and parking pressures in town and at the beach.
  • We’ve installed LED lighting and low-wattage lightbulbs to reduce our energy consumption.
  • Our on-demand hot water tanks in each cabin keeps the energy use to a minimum, only heating what you need.

Although we live in a rainforest, water is precious during the summer season when rainfall is low. Here are some of the little ways that you can help us make a big difference for water conservation:

  • We arguably have the best tasting tap water in the world and although we may have limited supply in the summer, we still want you to enjoy it. BYO water bottle for the ultimate hydration and leave the 24 pack of plastic bottles on the Costco shelf. That said, try and forgo single-use plastic whenever possible. Grab your own OV coffee mug and hit the Tofitian down the street or bring your own spork for some Wildside Grill takeaway.
  • Help us reduce laundry by keeping towel use to a minimum and request linen changes only when absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t let the taps run when washing dishes or brushing your teeth.
  • Choose to shower instead of bath and keep your performance to a single song, not a whole album.
  • And of course, the tried and true conservation method of letting it mellow… you know what we’re talking about 😉

We’re always looking for new ways to improve, so please feel free to share your inspiration. Sustainability is a team effort!

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