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Shipwrecks, Surf, and Salmon

Shipwrecks, Surf, and Salmon

September hosts the last of the seasons events and prepares us for the transition to fall. Hit the shores and catch it all!


From June to September, daily, you can visit the Discovery Tent situated by Amphitrite Lighthouse along the Lighthouse Loop Trail in Ucluelet for free interpretive walks and exploration.

Scheduled for September 2023, the “Pass of Melfort Shipwreck Walk” is guided by Silva Johansson. This excursion leads participants to the location of a sorrowful shipwreck that served as the catalyst for establishing the Amphitrite Lighthouse during the early 1900s.

Gain insight into the reason behind the moniker “Graveyard of the Pacific” for the western coast of Vancouver Island. Through this journey along the Pacific shoreline, Silva Johansson animates history, narrating the tales of numerous ships and mariners that have encountered misfortune and difficulty.

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Queen of the PeakSURF

The inception of the Queen of the Peak Women’s Surf Championships took place in 2010 through a collaborative effort between Surf Sister and Shelter Restaurant. This initiative was established to honor and exhibit the remarkable surfing prowess found along the western shores of Vancouver Island. Annually, female surfers congregate in the awe-inspiring setting of Tofino, where the waves hold a reputation as impressive as the participants. Beyond being a mere contest, this gathering fosters a united community of kindred surfing devotees, emphasizing camaraderie alongside competition.

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Between September 1 and September 10, an array of events will take place, catering to diverse interests. The Clayoquot Salmon Festival is strategically timed to coincide with the salmon’s return to the western coast for their spawning season. Anyone who has observed the determined salmon leaping upriver and surmounting obstacles during this period understands their unwavering determination and motivating quest to ensure the survival of the next generation.

The Festival consistently emphasizes the significance of collectively rejoicing in the salmon’s homecoming, infused with imaginative energy. The 2023 Clayoquot Salmon Festival introduces an innovative outdoor live music collaboration with the Tofino Jazz Festival on September 1 and 2. Musical entertainment persists indoors with Roar Sessions during the afternoons on both weekends. The festivities reach their zenith with a dance party orchestrated by Tofino Tea Party DJs on September 8th at the Village Green.

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