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The Top 5 Kid Friendly Meals In Tofino

One of the best things about family vacation is the chance to dine out together at new restaurants (and let’s be honest, the fact that you don’t have to cook is the cherry on top!) Lucky for you, for such a small town, Tofino has no shortage of excellent dining options to choose from. Staying at Ocean Village means you can enjoy the sound of waves right out your front door, from the comfort of our cabins perched directly on the shores of Mackenzie Beach. It also means that each of our cabins comes complete with a kitchenette perfect for easy family meal prep, and cozying up together in your home away from home! For those days you’re just too tuckered out from playing in the waves though, we have a long list of local go-to spots that you and the kids will be sure to find delicious.

If you find yourself needing a much-deserved break from cooking (isn’t that half the fun of vacation?), then exceptional eats are conveniently just a short walk, bike or drive away from our resort. Because we love to host families (including your four-legged members!) we were happy to put together a go-to list of our top eats for kids in Tofino.

Mid-Day Snack Attack

No one wakes up earlier than our littlest family members; which in Tofino, usually means that you’ll be hitting the beach earlier than most. After a full morning of stuffing sand in their mouth and up their nose, splashing their siblings and running around the long stretches of beach, it’s likely that your little ones will be ready for a snack! 


Just one of the many small business success stories to come out of our little town, Tacofino has grown to include a number of restaurants in Vancouver, but their original food truck is still one of the best spots in Tofino to grab a pre or post-beach bite! Head to their stationary truck, located just a few minutes walk from Ocean Village, in the back of the Live To Surf parking lot, for a cheesy bean gringa (a crowd-pleasing cheese-fried taco!) or a more adventurous fish burrito or Tuna Ta-Taco for the daring kids in your family. 


This take-out shack meets dine-in local favourite only opened last year, but the line up out the door continues to this day! For a quick and easy mid-day kid-friendly snack, nothing beats a juicy Shed cheeseburger or Chix burger and salty fries. Order ahead online and swing by the centre of town to pick up a mid-day meal that kids are sure to love!


Dinner For The “Groms”

Puzzling over the word ‘groms’? This is simply what we Tofitians call our young kids: kooky little groms who froth on playing outside and jumping fear-free into the surf! When you bring your own little groms to visit Tofino, we highly recommend making time for one of the following kid-friendly dinner ideas, all perfectly suitable for both the fussy and worldly little eater in your clan. 

Basic Goodness Pizza

Nothing fills the belly after a day of playing outside quite like some perfectly cheesy, authentically Italian-style pizza! With a simple, small menu of pies to choose from, this pizza joint could be the perfect eat-in or take-to-the-cabin easy family dinner while in Tofino. Either way, check out this hidden gem for an ooey-gooey good time. 

Shelter Restaurant

Not every dinner out needs to revolve around the kids (hey, aren’t you supposed to be on vacation?), and Shelter could be the perfect dinner destination to satisfy everyone’s taste buds in your family! As you order your steak medium rare and feast on oysters, the kids can snack on more familiar fare like chicken wings and calamari, or try something new by ordering the well-loved Tofino Surf Bowl (a healthy, kid-friendly bowl with steamed veggies, jasmine rice, and either salmon or chicken on top). 

Something Sweet 

When it comes to special treats and dessert options, Tofino is spoiled for choice! Trust us when we say that you will most likely need a sugar rush in order to get yourself into the ocean at this time of year.

Rhino Coffee

Grab a sweet and savoury Maple Bacon doughnut (or a Josie’s Jelly for any vegan babies out there) as you stroll past this Tofino staple, located in the heart of town on Campbell Street.

Sobo Restaurant

You may know Sobo because of Chef Lisa Ahier’s world-famous, cozy take on West Coast fine dining, but we’re willing to bet you had no idea that her most talked-about treat is her simple ice cream sandwich! After dinner, stop by Sobo’s front desk freezer and choose from a selection of mouth-watering flavours like cherry and dark chocolate ice cream with gluten-free homemade chocolate cookies, or the perfect vanilla ice cream wedged between two sweet oat cookies! Completely homemade, hard to forget. Don’t forget a napkin!

Chocolate Tofino

The perfect post-beach pit-stop is a visit to Chocolate Tofino, located just down the street from Ocean Village, in the Live To Surf complex, tucked behind Tofitian coffee. Experts in homemade ice cream, the selection and quality here truly cannot be beat. Too chilled from the surf for a scoop? Try one of Chocolate Tofino’s incredibly delicious homemade solid chocolate creations. 

No matter where you dine out while visiting us in family-friendly Tofino, there’s sure to be a kid-appropriate option nearly everywhere you go! On your way home to your cabin at Ocean Village Resort, stop in at our front desk and let us know which recommendations your kids went bananas for!